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Installations, Servicing & Maintenance

A New Chimney Installation

Chimney Installations

Flue Liners

Flexible Flue Liners

Log Burner Maintenance and Servicing

Service & Maintenance

Installations using HETAS registered installer or obtaining building regulations 

Chimney installations, twin wall & flexible flue liners. 

Fully trained approved and registered Chimney specialists with Hetas Ltd. 

Solid fuel registered Hetas engineers. 

Free - no obligation - quotation - for the installation of all stoves, range cooker, chimney liners and twin walled chimney systems.  

Chimney Installations

CountryHeat Direct provides comprehensive chimney services to meet all your fireplace needs. Our skilled masons can handle any chimney project - from building brand new chimney stacks on new properties to full restoration and rebuilding work on existing chimneys.

We also specialise in installing flexible flue liners to reline old chimney flues, restoring charming inglenook fireplaces to their former glory, or completely modernising dated fireplaces. Our services include laying new hearths, tiling surrounds, and even installing multi-fuel stoves or wood burners where no existing fireplace or chimney is present.

No matter if you need chimney repair, a new build installation, or fireplace refurbishment, CountryHeat Direct has the expertise to get the job done right. Contact us to discuss bringing a warm, efficient fireplace into your home. Alongside chimney installations, we also offer you: Installation of appliances and hot water systems, Installation of dry appliances, Installation of twin walled flexible flue liners, Installation of rigid sectional metal flue liner and Installation of insulated twin wall systems 

Flue Liners

If you have a wood burning stove or multi-fuel appliance, installing a flue liner is highly recommended for safe and efficient operation. A flue liner is a rigid pipe that runs inside your chimney to vent the smoke and gases produced by your stove. It creates a smooth, sealed pathway for the exhaust, preventing leakage into your home. This is crucial for your family's health as carbon monoxide is an odourless, deadly gas.

A flue liner also helps protect the chimney's masonry by preventing corrosion from acidic condensates in the flue gases. It optimises airflow for better draw and prevents smoke entering the room when opening the stove door. Flue liners like twin wall systems are constructed of durable materials like stainless steel to withstand extreme temperatures.

At CountryHeat Direct, our HETAS approved team can supply and install the ideal flue liner system, including twin wall products, for your wood burner or multi-fuel stove. Ensure your appliance operates safely and efficiently - contact us about a flue liner installation today.

Service and maintenance of appliances - Keep Your Heating Appliance Running Safely & Efficiently

This can be done on a one off basis or on a regular annual basis. 

At CountryHeat Direct, we recommend regular servicing of your solid fuel or wood biomass appliance to ensure optimal performance. Our experienced engineers can service your stove or boiler on a one-off basis or set up an annual maintenance plan to give you peace of mind.

Building Regulations Compliance Made Easy

All installations of solid fuel heaters and wood burning systems must comply with UK Building Regulations by law. Using a HETAS registered installer saves you time and money while ensuring your heating appliance meets all safety requirements and works at peak efficiency.

The Benefits of Using a HETAS Registered Installer

HETAS approved installers can self-certify their work, eliminating the need for a costly Building Notice application to your local council. Upon completion, you'll receive a Compliance Certificate to prove the installation was carried out legally by a competent professional following Building Regulations. This documentation is important for solicitors when selling your home.

DEFRA Approved for Smoke Control Areas

DEFRA is the government department that tests and authorises solid fuel appliances for use in designated Smoke Control Areas across the UK. Many towns and cities have had these areas in place since the Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968 to reduce air pollution from coal burning.

CountryHeat Direct supplies a range of DEFRA exempt stoves and heaters that are permissible for use in Smoke Control Zones. Contact us today to discuss installation of a DEFRA approved appliance in your area.

Heating Options for Smoke Control Areas

Many UK towns and cities have designated Smoke Control Areas to reduce air pollution from solid fuel burning. However, you can still enjoy an efficient wood burning or multi-fuel stove in these zones by using authorised smokeless fuels or an exempt appliance.

Read more about the Smoke Control regulations

What are Exempt Appliances?

Exempt appliances are stoves, ovens and wood burners that have been approved by Defra for burning logs and other smokier solid fuels without emitting excess smoke. These appliances have passed testing to confirm they can burn inherently smoky fuels cleanly under the Clean Air Act requirements.

Burning Logs in Smoke Control Areas

You can only burn logs on a stove or wood burner that is specifically exempted for this use in Smoke Control Areas. Defra exempt appliances are legal for burning logs and other solid fuels that would typically produce smoke when used in a non-exempt unit.

Check if You Live in a Smoke Control Area

To find out if you reside in a designated UK Smoke Control Area, contact your local council or visit the UK Smoke Control Areas website.

CountryHeat Direct supplies a range of DEFRA exempt stoves alongside quality kiln dried logs and wood briquettes. Call 01392 811 597 today for your free, no-obligation quotation on an approved heating solution for your Smoke Control Area.

Choose Good Quality Wood Fuel

For optimal stove performance and minimal emissions, always use well-seasoned dry firewood, never painted, treated or toxic wood types. Freshly cut logs can have up to 70% moisture content making them unsuitable for burning until seasoned for 18-24 months under cover. Hardwood varieties like oak or beech provide more heat and burn longer than softer woods.

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